Last Updated: 4th January, 2012
Since shut down almost two years ago, many sites have appeared to satisfy the demand for low cost, high quality non-DRM mp3 downloads.

But there have been well documented problems with many sites, ranging from difficulties in payment to low quality music and
poor music selection. Some have even disappeared overnight, meaning customers losing any money in their accounts.

The last year has seen the loss of the excellent mp3fiesta, so can any of the remainder maintain the service that
allofmp3's previous customers had come to expect?

We sat down and reviewed 11 sites, our key criteria being ease of use, secure payment systems and high quality, low cost
These three came out head and shoulders above the rest:-
Our Choice  Soundike
"Now the best allofmp3 replacement in 2012...."

There's been a lot of turmoil recently with some download sites, including the
apparent collapse of the payment system at the previously excellent mp3fiesta.

One site that has come to our attention fairly recently but has quickly impressed
us with its easy interface, huge selection of music and low album cost is

Weird name, but finding and downloading decent quality music doesn't get much
cheaper and easier than this....if you were familiar with allofmp3 or mp3fiesta,
you'll be right at home here.

Navigation is dead easy - type in the band, track or album you're looking for into
the search box and an intuitive list of matches appears. Tracks are 15 cents
each - if you want the whole album a 20% discount is applied to the total number
of tracks. This works out at an average album cost of under $1.50

The site currently has 135,000 albums in its database. The music selection is
very wide, with all current/recent releases and an impressive back catalogue.
We also found some pretty obscure stuff in there......

Payments are secure and made using any credit card. There are big bonus
credits available depending on how much you credit your account - Up to $35
credit is available for free.

A hint when you credit your account at Soundike - go for the $30 rather than the
$15 option. Their credit card handler, like others, charges $1 per transaction,
but if you credit at $30, Soundike give you $10 for free (or $9 once the
transaction payment is removed). There isn't a bonus for a $15 credit.......
It's a no brainer.

The Verdict? An excellent site to download high quality, low cost
mp3 music - our top pick
Rating 9.5/10
Music Selection

Value For Money

Ease Of Use

Secure Payments
Highly Recommended
Rating 9/10 Reveals - The Top 3 Allofmp3 Alternative Sites
Music Selection

Value For Money

Ease Of Use

Secure Payments
Our second pick has a lot of the advantages of our top pick, namely great
navigation, secure payments & low album cost.

We don't understand why it operates under two names (the two sites are
identical) - maybe they're avoiding the taxman...

But best of all, it currently has the best bonus credit deal anywhere - up to
$75 for free.

The site has a database of 92,000 albums, available to download for an
average of $2 each.

The search function is very intuitive, predicting what you are probably  
looking for as you type.

Downloading is straightforward, using the 'Save target as' function,
although, uniquely, albums can also be downloaded in one hit as a zip file

It loses out against our top pick mainly due to some tracks being available
at a lower bitrate - although we have noticed that recently they have been
updating the database with higher bitrate music.

Maybe we were spoiled by our top pick, but this is definitely one to keep
your eye on, as the music search facility is intuitive, and they do have a
good back catalogue available.

Click Here To Get Instant Access To MP3Sale
Also Highly Recommended......
Music Selection

Value For Money

Ease Of Use

Secure Payments
Rating 9/10

MP3Panda has a lot of the advantages of our top picks, namely great
navigation, secure payments & generous bonus credits

It has only appeared over the last couple of weeks, but there's something
about the wacky colourscheme and music selection that reminds us
much of our past top pick, MP3Fiesta (RIP) much so that we did try
to log in using our MP3Fiesta logins. No luck though.....

The site owners are coy about the size of the music database, although it
appears to be as large as we thought.... We found all of the albums we
were looking for, but it left us not 100% certain. This cost it a star until we
can investigate further.

Albums average around $2
, with bitrates from 190kbps upwards.
Bonus credits work out at up to $30.

Downloading is easy, using the standard 'Save target as' function. Blow
it..............If you ever used MP3Fiesta, you will know EXACTLY how to use

Enough said.

Click Here To Go To MP3Panda
Where To From Here?
We Recommend Soundike
A bit of background........

Since the death knell rang for the massively popular (and subsequently proved to be legal) mp3 download site, music
download fans all over the world have been looking for a reliable alternative to

Tens of sites appeared virtually overnight to capitalise on the appetite of thousands of mp3 download fans, all
promising the same high quality, low cost music store experience. Unfortunately most of these sites were shockingly
poor, offering low quality rehashes of other sites’ libraries, and often being unavailable at no notice.

So what were the criteria that had thousands regularly recharging their accounts at the premier download site before it
was forced to shutdown?

Basically, the tracks were cheap & the quality very high, and the music selection was massive - ranging from all current
new releases of all music styles, to the latest charts and an impressive back catalogue of albums stretching back to the
sixties. And all tracks were DRM free, meaning they could be played on any mp3 player.

Those new sites had a lot to live up to…….………………….

Most of them didn’t!

So where do you download mp3s now?

Generally, you have two options when it comes to finding low cost, high quality music on the internet. Pay per
download or file sharing.

With pay per download, it is normal to charge your account in advance (using a credit card), and this amount is then
reduced as you buy music. Once your account is at zero you can charge your account again and carry on. Some sites
offer incentives of extra tracks or bonus credits if you credit your account at a particular level (say $30). Before you do
this, always try to ensure the site has enough music to cover your credit, and more importantly has been around long
enough that you’re happy it isn’t going to disappear overnight……

File sharing has been around since well before allofmp3. Basically you join a network, where everyone on the network
allows sharing of some or all of their personal mp3s (also movies, games etc). If the network is large, you have access
to literally millions of files to share (or download for free, depending on your point of view). In the early days these sites
were free to use, but subsidised themselves with loads of annoying adware, and in some cases, spyware.

If file sharing is the way you want to go, join a network that is guaranteed to be clear of adware and spyware (eg
HotMp3Download). These networks charge a nominal membership, but then all downloads are free.

Although the dust has settled somewhat and (most of) the cowboys have moved on, there is still varying quality in the
level of sites that remain. Bookmark our site - It monitors the current players, and recommends the best allofmp3
Soundike                                            MP3Sale/MP3Million                                        MP3Panda
Best for:-                                                            Best for:-                                                        Best for:-
  • Bonus Credits
  • Payment Options
  • MP3Fiesta 'feel'
  • Easy navigation

  • Album cost
  • Music selection